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Oct 22,  · It’s a fresh look that sets it apart from other Microsoft PowerPoint themes for free download. Blue PowerPoint Template Mountains. Mountain style your Microsoft PowerPoint themes with this free download. Swap out the color options with the app’s built-in editing tools. It’s one of the easy to use MS Office PowerPoint themes for a free. Adobe makes some of the most widely used software applications in the world, many of which are industry standard. Get started with free apps like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Aero, Fill & Sign, Photoshop Express, and Adobe Scan. Or consider Creative Cloud, with plans starting at just US$/mo. Every Adobe Creative Cloud plan includes perks like free. Jan 12,  · Create an Adobe Captivate project using the Section option to view and test the output. Generating the Adobe Captivate project updates source files containing information about your project and creates output files that you can publish for users. Read the tips for authoring and use the following procedure.

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Search for:. Adobe Captivate templates, games and characters Everything you need to deliver interactive and good looking elearning course in days. Get things done Our Captivate templates are here to make your life easier.

Add your colors, texts and images and create your next elearning masterpiece with ease. Captivate Template Library With the annual Captivate Library subscription, you will get all template sets, games and characters. Adobe Captivate Templates Course starters, tests and click and reveal templates will allow you to build modern looking e-learning courses for every taste.

We have been using FasterCourse elearning templates for the past couple of years now and they are amazing! Adobe Captivate Games No more boring elearning — use our Captivate games in your courses and deliver some fun! Your templates allow me to focus on instructional design and not graphics which is a time saver!

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Get the latest installment in the E-Learning Uncovered book series! This is the first book released on Adobe Captivate 8 and will be sold exclusively through eLearning Brothers until July 1. When a template is saved, the used theme, preferences etc are saved with the template. You can always change the design, by applying another theme. A theme can be applied after creation. Use the theme colors palette to customize the skin: playbar, borders and Table of Contents.

It is one of my usual questions! When you see the design power and flexibility of a custom theme, why would you still need a template?

I have been using templates in earlier versions of Captivate:. On of the reasons was to reuse variables and advanced actions see: Template for reusing script.

This is no longer necessary in more recent versions. I have a dedicated project with much used shared actions. That project is opened as External Library in any new project, to access those shared ations.

Variables, used in those shared actions, are created automatically when the shared action is dragged into the Library of the new project. When you copy an object, that triggers an advanced action, the action will be copied along when pasted into another project. Only actions triggered by slide events are not that easy to reuse. Years ago I created templates to have footnotes on each slide, pointing to the name of the project, showing the slide number and the total amount of slides.

But now I insert them on master slides, using system variables or user variables that can be populated later on. I would rarely use it to have placeholder slides, unless some team members need to have that assistance. Lot of placeholders have fixed object size, which can just be annoying.

If you do have a lot of advanced actions maybe variables , that cannot be replaced by shared actions, identical entries in Project Info, variables not included in shared actions: those would be situations where I would think about creating a template.

It is getting a rare work flow in my case. Hopefully this article did clarify the differences between themes and templates. Thank for this useful clarification, Lieve.

But I will definitely revisit whether I am maximizing the benefits of themes after reading this post. I totally avoid them since that version. For design consistency Themes are sufficient. For much used assets, shared actions I use external libraries. Initially, I thought that Captivate Themes only stored values for formatting e.

I was surprised that even non-place holder graphics were saved e. That was what I tried to explain. I never use a template, especially because they are bit buggy concerning variables and advanced actions. You can also have advanced actions on Enter for a master slide. Very strange…. Timeline, Themes, Quizzes, the three basic topics for each training, but never get the time needed to understand them.

After re-reading your post on themes, your strategy of using themes and shared actions makes more sense as it capitalizes on the strengths of Captivate and uses them in a very efficient manner. Very nice overview and details about options we have to customize Captivate projects. I appreciate the distinction of differences between a theme and a template. Themes are one out of 3 subjects in any basic Captivate training I offer. Yes, as explained you have to build a responsive theme if you want to use it for a responsive project.

All included themes with Captivate are responsive. It depends on the workflow you are using, how to set up master slides and object styles. If you set up a theme with Breakpoint views, be careful to set up the font size in the OSM for all breakpoint views and to design the master slides with the Position Properties panel in order to make them fully responsive. Have fun expanding your eLearning skills! The maximum file size is 47 MB.


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