Top 5 AI Startups In Healthtech Industry

Top 5 AI Startups In Healthtech Industry - Daily Healthcare Facts

Every year, thousands of new startups are created; these up-and-coming businesses have the potential to change the healthcare sector. The healthcare industry has embraced the technological revolution, as are all professional disciplines. Improvements in data gathering and communication, quicker outcomes in research and clinical trials, and patient-facing medical equipment are all advantages of applying AI startups in healthTech industry. HealthTech startups have completely changed how healthcare is provided worldwide. They are transforming how we all live and take care of our health.

Top 5 AI Startups In Healthtech Industry - Daily Healthcare Facts

The use of AI in healthtech industry refers to the application of AI principles to address medical issues. Data processing and decision-making capabilities of computers and other intelligent technologies allow for improved health care. These choices concern personalized treatment and more precise diagnostics.

Here are 5 AI startups in HealthTech Industry


A Croatian firm called NAOMI develops a smartphone app with the same name for virtual mental health assistance. Users of NAOMI can choose the issue they want to work on, such as stress, anxiety, depression, or anger. Platforms for mental health assistance offer a great deal of help to people who are struggling. Even so, the stigma associated with mental illness prevents most people from seeking out a psychiatrist on their own. NAOMI enhances user privacy and so makes it easier to improve mental wellness.

The AI startups in healthTech industry software lead users through carefully crafted questions that urge them to think and come up with answers based on their unique problems. Additionally, it provides a number of cognitive-behavioral therapy-based methods for enhancing mental health. Additionally, NAOMI links users, if needed, with licensed psychotherapists.

2. Overjet

A platform created by Overjet, a software startup, will lower prices while enhancing dental treatment quality. The platform analyses dental data using artificial intelligence to decide which treatments the patient needs. Dental practitioners and payers may now deliver patient care with the help of its computer vision and machine learning technologies. More data points in dental x-rays are now available thanks to Overjet, which also quantifies important results that improve patient treatment. Overjet’s FDA-cleared platform helps dentists and hygienists achieve clinical accuracy, precision, and consistency to advance the practice because data-driven diagnoses are the key to success.

Overjet is a cutting-edge startups in healthTech industry solutions designed to enhance practice performance overall from a clinical standpoint. It was the first device of its kind to get FDA approval. Delivering individualized, high-quality patient care, enhancing patient education, automating administrative work by detecting coding and billing problems, and increasing productivity through the identification of treatment opportunities are all shown benefits of Overjet’s AI Assist.

3. The Andiamo

The Andiamo Treatment Platform includes a variety of digital and non-digital tools for a better family and clinician experience, including the Avanti platform, which uses AI and digital twin simulation to design personalized treatments. Andiamo’s initial Treatment Range enables clinicians to use the Andiamo Tools and Avanti platform to digitally create a personalized prescription, as well as create an AI digital twin that simulates the prescription outcome and its designs, using automation, a safe medical device. They

Top 5 AI Startups In Healthtech Industry - Daily Healthcare Facts

use additive manufacturing to create and fit a treatment known as an ankle-foot orthosis. The Andiamo is an amazing startup among the top 5 AI startups in HealthTech Industry.

4. Radiobotics

Radiobotics is an award-winning Danish startup that creates algorithms for hospitals to automate the reading of bone and joint X-rays. Radiobotics is an AI-based auxiliary tool that replicates the work of an expert radiologist, resulting in more consistent analysis than visual inspection alone. The output is a structured text report with findings that is accompanied by a visual overlay that explains each finding. This procedure ensures high reporting uniformity across hospitals, allowing for more effective patient record management. To best meet the needs and requirements of skilled clinicians, the technology was developed in close collaboration with them. Radiobotics received its first CE mark in 2020, followed by FDA approval in 2021.

Top 5 AI Startups In Healthtech Industry - Daily Healthcare Facts

Radiobotics offers solutions for hospitals, primary care, and teleradiology and has offices in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Radiobotics has assembled an extraordinary team of engineers with domain expertise from working closely with doctors, biomedical research, and medical images, as well as colleagues with experience and expertise from other healthtech startups, funding, and commercialization. Radiobotics is one of the popular AI startups in HealthTech Industry. Radiobotics specializes in musculoskeletal radiology and has a data partnership with Vrad (US largest teleradiology provider). This enables Radiobotics to create one-of-a-kind products with exceptional performance.

5. Unlearn AI

Digital twins — digital representations of humans built with computer models — are gaining traction in the private and academic sectors for medical research. Some experts believe that digital twins have the potential to improve healthcare by assessing health risks before a disease becomes symptomatic, assisting clinicians in determining when (and whether) to intervene.

A future in which doctors can simulate the effects of all possible treatments on digital twins of patients in order to determine the most effective course of action is admittedly ambitious. That could be why Unlearn exists. AI, a startup that today announced a $50 million Series B funding round, began with clinical trials. Unlearn’s digital twin product, based on a combination of AI and historical data, replicates the characteristics of patients in trials to enable what the company claims are smaller, faster studies. Unlearn AI is one of the best AI startups in healthTech industry.

“We use data from a large number of previously conducted clinical trials.” “Our product is not an AI model; it is a clinical trial,” CEO Charles Fisher explained via email to TechCrunch. “Because of the long wait for vaccine development [during the pandemic], every journalist and most informed consumer became painfully aware of the need to accelerate clinical trials while keeping them safe… While other companies are interested in using real-world data to speed up or improve clinical trials, there are no direct competitors with a direct regulatory pathway to using their technologies in [late-stage] clinical trials.”

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