Top 3 Samsung Fitness Trackers To Buy: 2023

Top 3 Samsung Fitness Trackers To Buy: 2023 - Daily Healthcare Facts

Which Samsung fitness trackers are the best? The solution is based on what you want from a smartwatch for Samsung users. There is a Galaxy Watch for everyone, whether you want a gadget for tracking your fitness, an addition to your smartphone, or something that may save your life in certain situations. In actuality, all Samsung Galaxy Watch models are capable of doing such tasks, but some are more effective than others. Some also appear better than others.

Every new Galaxy Watch comes with unique aesthetic and technological improvements that elevate it to the top of the best smartwatches list each year. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the most recent flagship model, however, you can frequently get previous models like the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 at a bargain. Samsung has launched five generations of their wristwatch with a few design tweaks.

Here are the top 3 Samsung fitness trackers to buy in 2023;

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The greatest Samsung watch overall is the Galaxy Watch 4. Notably, it has two distinct designs (and pricing points) to accommodate a larger range of consumer demands. The company’s flagship Galaxy Watch 4, which starts at $249, resembles the previous Galaxy Watch Active devices. The ‘Classic’ version, which starts at $349, maintains opulent features like the real rotating bezel.

The Galaxy Watch 4 detects heart rate, records ECGs, and determines body composition thanks to a 3-in-1 health sensor. However, other capabilities, including ECG and blood pressure monitoring if you live in a nation where it’s available, are exclusive to Samsung phones. The only other drawback of the Galaxy Watch 4 is its variable battery life, but if you don’t mind charging it every day, you can take use of features like onboard GPS, an always-on display, superb sleep monitoring, and more.

Top 3 Samsung Fitness Trackers To Buy: 2023 - Daily Healthcare Facts

In the nicest manner imaginable, I mean it when I say that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 feels both familiar and distinct. Although it has a similar appearance to the Galaxy Watch, this version is crisper and more upscale. Although the upgraded Google Wear OS platform functions similarly to Tizen, it is logical and exact. Samsung fitness trackers did away with the “Active” moniker for its most recent range, positioning the sporty-appearing Galaxy Watch 4 as the brand’s flagship and a “Classic” model that maintains the opulent features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 from the previous year.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, one of the most fashionable smartwatches available even though it’s a year older than the Galaxy Watch 4, is still for sale. You can leave your smartphone at home as it comes in two sizes and LTE versions. Navigating the Galaxy Watch 3’s interface is simple thanks to the spinning bezel, and you can choose from hundreds of watch faces to personalize the watch’s display. The Galaxy Watch 3 adds additional music storage, FDA-approved ECG tracking, and trip recognition, but it has a shorter, 2-day battery life than the first Samsung Galaxy Watch. Of course, Samsung fitness trackers included contactless payments, as are other useful fitness trackers functions.

Top 3 Samsung Fitness Trackers To Buy: 2023 - Daily Healthcare Facts

The revolving bow on a nicely packed, $399 wristwatch, known as the fan-favorite bezel of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, is just as gratifying as it appears. Even if fidgeting is nice, health features that can save lives, including an FDA-approved ECG sensor and trip detection, are superior. With SpO2 and VO2 Max readings, a huge selection of watch faces, and a more compact design, Samsung fitness trackers are a successful next-generation wearable.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Even when it’s on sale, the Watch Active 2 is still worthwhile to purchase. A heart rate sensor, GPS, and the ability to enable LTE are all included in Samsung’s watch, which is compatible with any smartphone. Additionally, it has an automated activity and sleep tracker. (It does the former job far better than the latter.) Whether you choose the 40mm or 44mm model, the Galaxy Watch Active 2’s circular form has a pleasing aesthetic. This Galaxy Watch, which runs Samsung’s Tizen operating system, also has other helpful features like Samsung Pay, built-in Spotify music, and heart health measures. That consists of an ECG feature, which is often only seen in more expensive versions.

Top 3 Samsung Fitness Trackers To Buy: 2023 - Daily Healthcare Facts

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a stylish smartwatch that has an FDA-approved ECG sensor for detecting atrial fibrillation, built-in sleep monitoring, improved fitness tracking, and a battery life that is above average. Samsung easily prevails in terms of design. Even when you’re not exercising, you’ll want to wear this wristwatch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which incorporates all of the Watch Active 2’s functions into a design that is focused on lifestyle and has a tactile rotating bezel, could be an even better choice.

Bottom Line

The most recent Samsung watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, is the greatest Samsung fitness tracker watch. The Galaxy Watch 4 was released this year and features a flexible design with two price points: a sporty-looking model that starts at $249.99 and an upgraded “Classic” model version that starts at $349.99. In nations where those capabilities are permitted, it offers premium functions like blood pressure and ECG monitoring to customers who own the top Samsung smartphones.

One of the greatest Samsung fitness trackers is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which was released the previous year. It continues to be among the most fashionable smartwatches available, and because it has LTE options, you can leave your Android smartphone at home. Longtime Galaxy Watch customers may prefer the company’s original software over Google’s updated Wear OS even if it runs Tizen rather than the new Wear OS.

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